Our Aim



We have created this page to raise funds for specialist sensory toys and equipment which are not funded on the NHS.


The NHS only provide basic equipment for children with complex special needs.

From county to county the amount of equipment and the age it is available from varies greatly.


Wheelchair services in southampton do not assess children for their need of chairs until they are 30months old (2.5yrs) which in many cases is very late on.

Most children can clearly be identified as having a need for a specialist chair from as young as a year old. Some counties local to ours assess children at 18mths which makes a massive difference.It is because of this delay in assessment that many families are left to look for and source the chairs themselves.


What many people see as basic equipment - car seats, indoor seating, sleep systems to provide support- the NHS won't fund and many families have to contact charities in order to purchase these pieces, an example is the car seat we have just had to get for Lewis. At £1700 it was way too expensive for us to purchase so we contacted New Life Childrens Charity through our OT to see if they could help.


The problem that arises is that, in my opinion, we are having to depend on these charities to help us out. Hence our decision to set up a fundraising site to raise money that will take the pressure off of the other charities and give us some control over where we get our equipment from.


Many of us take advantage of purchasing bargain toys etc for our children yet when you have a child who needs toys that are switch activated, touch activated, sensory etc the price is massively inflated. A simple toy such as a carousel with bells on ends up costing over £50 as it is labelled "special needs". Items to aid communication - likes switches that are usb so a child can use a pc to communicate, are anywhere between £70 and £400


Why should our children, who did nothing to deserve the way they live, be restricted to such few things due to financial restraints?


This is why this page exists.


Any money raised for Lewis' Fund will be used primarily to purchase equipment (walkers, communication aids, toys, sensory lighting etc) that Lewis needs in order to better his life.

Every item purchased, once out grown/no longer needed, will be loaned out to other children with a need for it, with no charge/small donation.

We want these children to have a better quality of life.


We are also planning on donating a percentage of all monies raised to:-


  • Naomi House Childrens Hospice - A place where many families and children are given a much need break and time to enjoy life whilst being in a happy, caring, supportive environment. Lewis loves it there as do we. We can enjoy Lewis for the happy smiley boy that he is without worrying about the medical side.
  • Rosewood Free School - School that provides specialist education to Lewis and other children in the Southampton area. Without their dedication and support Lewis would not have the chance to become the cheeky, happy, sociable little man that he is!


    While we want to give our little man the best bright future that we can, we want to give some of the money so others can benefit as well.


    Thank you for reading this, we hope it explains why we are doing this and hope that you can help us in providing a brighter future for these precious children!


    Trish & Paul (Lewis' mum & dad)


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