2015 has been a mixed year so far.


In January Lewis contracted pneumonia and ended up in hospital with a collapsed lung, requiring 10 days of treatment with Airvo and high dose IV antiobiotics.


In March he was admitted for 10 days with quite dramatic weightloss.

He was discharged in August with a weight of 19kg. In March he weighed just 15.9 kg


Despite IV fluids and a new feed plan his weight is not rising and as of 15/5/15 he was still 16kg.


He was admitted again in April with another chest infection which required O2 to keep his sats at a satisfactory level.

We went to Naomi House for 4 days to monitor him and came home on 1ltr of O2 overnight and lower levels in the day.


On the 28/5/15, after a lot of fighting and paperwork, a house move and stress, our adaptations were finally started!!


In 6 days we already have our foundations laid and this week we start on the block work to form the external walls.


So exciting!!!



Lewis has had a really rough 2014 after spending from 23/12/2013 - 08/08/2014 in hospital.


Lots and lots has happened, many tears shed, smiles hoped for & finally seen, laughter towards the end and many procedures and drug changes.


Here is a few photos over the past 8 months that show Lewis in all lights




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Just under 2 weeks worth of Lewis' daily medication!

Brotherly Love!!