Funded Items





At the beginning of 2012 we were put in contact with Tree Of Hope Childrens Charity.

They have allowed us to fundraise using their name so that we can have a justgiving site etc. Through their support we have been able to purchase some more lovely items which aide us in giving Lewis a brighter, happier future.


So far to date we have been able to purchase the following items for Lewis, using money donated by you generous folks


  • £130 24” flat screen tv for his bedroom with 32GB memory stick for all his favourite programmes
  • £150 10.1” Android Tablet
  • £60 Harness for Special Needs swing at our local park
  • £400 2 x cosy toes and hoods for Snappi Size 1 chairs!
  • £340 1 x cosytoes, hood and rain cover for Lewis’ new size 2 Snappi.
  • £100 donation to Westwood House
  • £150 subscription to Steps Charity for J.J
  • £75 part subscription to Steps for Lewis
  • £100 Laser Star projector
  • £450 Fibre Optic Sensory Lights
  • £700 P'Pod Seating System
  • £300 donation to Naomi House Childrens Hospice
  • £300 donation to Rosewood Free School
  • £2445 payment towards Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle for Lewis enabling us to transport him safely.
  • £465 DeVilbiss QSU7314 Quiet Suction Unit
  • £1256 Chiltern Invadex T13 Shower Stretcher

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